Thursday, October 30, 2003

Finally some rest. Finished with all my midterms but I have an essay due next Wednesday. Shouldn't be too bad though since its on Machiavelli and I think I'll enjoy writing it. At first I, like everyone else, figured The Prince to be a very evil piece of work. I considered it a tyrants manual but upon further explorition, Mac is only endorsing whats best with his people and willing to act "evil" only when absolutely necessary. My prof shaped my view quite a bit but after researching into the true meaning a bit more, I tend to agree with him. I'll probably post the essay when its finished so those of you asking me, it'll be here. If anyone would so graciously volunteer to edit my draft, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The Business Law exam didn't go so well. It wasn't very hard but quite lengthy and contained much more material than a 90 minute exam requires. Most of the class felt the same way so I"m hoping to get some leeway on thet marks. Archer was cool guy but come on now. Oh well, its over with so I guess the only thing to do now is concentrate on the final term paper for it. No more tests until finals but I've got 4 papers due next month so the stress level should return shortly.

Alright enough about school, lets look at whats happened lately. Hmmmmmm... Ummmmm... alright nothings happened at all. Ain't my life grand? Fasting's going as well as it can I guess, I missed Tuesday because of my exam. Not a good excuse I know but I need my caffeine intake at these times and inshallah I'll be alright with the rest of them.

In political news, the previous PC administration have been proven to be flat out liars as we are now 5.6 billion in debt. Now McGuinty looks bad in this because he'll already be forced to break some of the election promises although he was assured he'd come in with a balanced budget, not a deficit this large. And yet Mike Harris wants to be Prime Minister...

My Leafs are still trying to get their groove going. The new lines seem to be coming together but they're still not nearly in their full potential. Belfour is as solid as could be but needs an defence to help him out. Kinda sucks when besides Kaberle and McCabe, they've got nobody! I'm still hopeful however, this is a good team that is capable of going further than expected this year.

On a better note, the Raptors opened up with a huge win over the Eastern Conference champions so that should set morale up. Vince played like the Vince of 2000 by having a 39 point night. Rookie Chris Bosh seems to be really promosing and likely will be starting soon enough.

Thats all for now.


Sunday, October 26, 2003

Holy excessive midterm stress. After sitting down finally and reading a few chapters over again I can say I feel somewhat confident that I'll know everything buy Tuesday. The weird part is that this is the field in I see myself in after law school so I should get used to enjoying this a lot more (not that I'm not, but hey, it is school afterall).

Overall, the weekend was pretty good although less productive than I hoped. Friday night I don't know why, probably because I had nothing better to do, but I gave in to the precious blunt that my friends had. Actually it brought back a lot of old memories as we decided the spot that would be the least bait was the bleachers at our old high school baseball diamond. We did this once before last summer and this turned out to be just as nostalgic. So that was pretty much my Friday night. After studying, blazing a fatty, coming home and downing a bag of chips as well as a 2 litre bottle of coke. Oh how I missed this combination.

Yesterday I did some studying as well during the day (surprise surprise) followed by going to a traditional paki wedding. This one wasn't so bad actually as I knew a lot of people (a few of pleasent surprises actually). I wouldn't really say I was close with the groom, but we did sort of grow up together and he was pretty happy to force me onto the dance floor more than once. Going to a Pakistani wedding is a hit or miss. No real middle ground for these. Either you'll have fun or be extremely bored as they can range from total segregation to nonstop dance performances and bhangra all night long. Luckily, the couple was Punjabi and what can I say, we do it like no other. :) Anyone who's seen my bhangra skills knows its not a pretty site but nonetheless it was a fun night. Congrats N & S, best wishes and may Allah grant you happiness and prosperity in your new union.

Thank god for the daylight savings time today. I woke what I thought was 2pm but we got the extra hour today. Unforunately I slept in longer than planned but oh well. Read through a few more chapters and talked to a friend about my exam and she was pretty helpful and gave me some much needed info as I skipped last class to study for my two other midterms. Thanks FA ;)

And now I feel like I'll have one more quick game of NHL 2004 before I hit the books again.

Peace Out Dawgs

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Current playlist...

Anything Goes - Wayne Wonder
Down For Me - Loon
Suga Suga - Baby Bash
Loser - Staind
Hey Ya - Outkast
Poet Laureate II - Canibus

One more midterm to go and that would be Business Law which is on Tuesday. Damn when I signed up I swear I thought I'd add more to say. I'll try to come up with some real updates and an actual introduction some in the next few days.

Happy Diwali
Happy Birthday Raj
Ramadan Mubarak

Saturday, October 18, 2003

"Hating is bad for your health." Jin the Emcee

This phrase just couldn't be any more true.

It's best to ignore any unpleasent individuals whenever possible rather than trying to educate them to change their ways. Some people are just naturally stubborn and any effort put forth in attempting to show them otherwise is better spent bettering yourself. Any negative energy that results must be released in a positive manner as it'll consume you constantly if it isn't. If someone seeks the right path, they'll eventually find it themselves.

Any of this make sense?

Friday, October 17, 2003

Well here we are. Whoop dee doo. A journal for me, how nice.

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